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Understanding Testing Concepts- A Foundation for Successful Testing Phase

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(An Article for beginners and fresher testers)

To be proficient in any domain, industry, it is necessary to go through its foundations that will lead you to the path of success. Same holds valid for Software Testing as well. In order to carry out efficient testing and meet the expectation of the business, it is necessary to have a strong foundation of Testing Concepts. You should be able to figure out the difference between the commonly used testing terminologies such as Verification, Validation, Entry-Exit Criteria, Test plan, Test Case, Test Script and many more such as what importance does each and every term holds, what is the objective behind carrying out Software testing etc.

The factors discussed above not only help the business grow in a manner that is expected by the company but turns out to be useful for individual’s career growth as well. With the clarity on the testing concepts, one can expect to figure out more scenarios and conditions required for the application to perform better. A tester strong in basics of software testing has the ability to think out of the box and can successfully come up with the ideas to improve the current software or application.

A strong hold on the Testing concepts can help a tester to identify the importance of testing in various phases of SDLC and apart from merely carrying out testing in testing phase, he will get himself involved right from the beginning of the project. This will help him to identify the gaps if any exists in the requirements specification document and accordingly will recommend the same to the leadership. This can help the business to make the gaps rectified and stop it from carrying it to the further phases where it would have been difficult or rather costly to get it resolved.

The accurate test plan, test case and test scripts are the outcomes of strong testing concepts. It helps to reduce the rework which can arise out of lack of testing skills. To decide on the entry and exit criteria, one needs to possess the entire product knowledge and a strong hold on the requirements so that a proper decision could be made on factors such as when to stop testing or when to move onto the next phase.

As discussed, thorough understanding of the testing concepts proves to be fruitful for business as well individual’s growth and each tester must work on it to deliver a bug free product to the client.

Guest article by Varun Arora.


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