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How to Perform GUI Testing? Points to take care

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How to Perform GUI Testing?

Basically GUI testing is performed to check the user interface and test the functionality working properly or not. GUI testing involves several tasks like to test all object events, mouse events, menus, fonts, images, content, control lists, etc. GUI testing improves the overall look and feel of the application according to the requirements. User interface for the website should be designed to attract the audiences globally. There are both options available to the testers one is manual and second is to automate with the use of an automation tool like QTP. There is planning required for all the stages in testing.

Below discussed points will let to know how to perform GUI Testing:

  • First of all tester should be aware and understand design documents for the testing application. All the mentioned requirements need to be checked properly with exact figures for font size, images, navigations, controls listed in the application.
  • Create the environment and test the application in different browsers like Mozilla, IE, Opera, and Safari. Sometimes design for the application does not work or behave properly in other browsers. So, make sure you are testing in all the browsers.
  • Testers can check manually and if you are finding it difficult to test if application has N number of pages then chooses the option to automate the application. You can easily record the application with all respective controls to test with. And at the end iterations can be checked that they are passed or failed.
  • Prepare a checklist for the GUI testing since there are many things which is related to the user interface. Make out in one sheet and execute them for the application.
  • Prepare all the test cases for the user interface to perform the GUI testing effectively.
  • Tester should divide all the modules which are available in the application and start performing testing module wise. This process can be easily tested and there are high chances of getting defects.

Above mentioned points are very beneficial in performing GUI testing. Tester should be more focussed on how to test the application. Planning to test the system or application is very necessary to achieve the respective goals with the help of GUI testing. Testing should be performed in keeping mind the perspective of the users who will come and use the application. Remember first impression is last impression.


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