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Career Ladder in Software Testing Profile

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(An Article for beginners and fresher testers)

A software tester tends to play an important role starting from the requirement gathering phase to the delivery of the product. He has to play a vital role in every phase of SDLC to ensure that the testing phase comes out with no flaws as far as quality of the product is concerned. Depending upon the experience and number of years spent in the Testing field, each and every person is given the opportunity to take up the complex tasks of the project.

[Note – Designations depend on company to company]

  • Being a fresh College Graduate, one can expect to be on a Testing Engineer profile depending upon the terminology set up by each organization. There are certain things which are expected out of them at this position ranging from good communication skills, strong documentation skill and a good team player. A good team player at this stage helps them to be well versed with all the domain members of Software Industry.
  • With the relevant experience on a Testing Engineer profile and based on their proficiency and skills at this level, they can be moved to Senior Software Tester where they can be allotted a more complex projects. It will give them a good option to showcase their ability in complicated assignments as well. Here you can be given the opportunity to train the fresh graduates on the projects you have worked in.
  • With the experience to hold complex projects and train the novice, you can be moved to Jr. Test Lead/Test Lead profile and there may be a small group of team allotted under your supervision. You can be asked to lead a project and the expectation will be to come out with a product of superior quality with no mismatch in the deadline allotted to complete the work. Your success depends to a large extent on the team you are handling, so it becomes very essential to show your leadership skills in this profile to keep moving ahead in Software Testing field.
  • On passing all the hurdles and getting equipped with all the ins and outs of the Software Test Life Cycle and with the ability to handle a team which can deliver a product of unmatchable quality under your supervision, you may be recommended for the role of a Software QA Manager, Software Test Architect, Testing Principal, Test Manager, Project Manager, etc where you will be asked to manage not just one project but there will be multiple projects under your guidance. Even one can move towards Agile and Scrum Master

Software testing field requires candidates good in soft skills and must have the ability to think beyond the expectations and then there is a lucrative career waiting for you ahead.

Guest article by Varun Arora.


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