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Bug Defect Tracking & Its Workflow

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What is Bug Defect Tracking?

An application intended to report any bugs found by the testers during the time of execution and for the developers to keep a track of the logged bugs is done by the means of Bug Defect tracking system. It may be regarded as a software application which provides the developers a deep insight into the errors found in their work on the application under build.

Bug Defect Tracking Workflow

Assuming a tester found a bug in the application under test and he has to report it to the developer to get it rectified, he has to go through the following flow of steps in order to make it happen in a logical documented way.

The bug found is created in the Bug Defect Tracking tool and is assigned a status of “New”. Depending on the tracking tool it can be also referred as “Open”. With this, a notification will be sent to the development team informing them of the newly created bug by the testing team.

On analysing the bug by the development team, it is passed on to a particular member of the team to work on it and the status of the defect changes to “assigned”. The developer will find the workaround for this bug and rectify it as per the desired requirement.

Assuming the bug is fixed and hence the concerned developer working on it can now change the status of the bug to “fixed” which will notify the tester who has created the bug initially.

The tester will retest the bug assigned to him after getting fixed and will verify if the same is working as expected. If the bug is fixed and is working as per the requirements, it can be considered as working fine and the status can be changed to “Closed”.

The status can be changed to “Reopened” in case there still seems to be a deviation in the actual result and the expected outcome even after the fix and can be reassigned to the development team post which Developer will again work on it and it will follow the cycle as Assigned>Fixed>Closed o Reopened depending on the current situation of the fix.

There comes a situation when a defect needs to be analysed more and cannot be resolved in the current release or it lacks certain tools and technologies to get it fixed and can be marked as “deferred

It is imperative to follow the above discussed workflow in order to attain a professional Bug Defect Tracking process.


Guest article - written by Varun Arora.


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