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Software Bug/Defect statuses

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New: When a bug is found, the tester logs the bug and the status of ‘New’ is assigned to the bug.

Assigned: The development team verifies if the bug is valid. If the bug is valid, development leader assigns it to a developer to fix it and a status of ‘Assigned’ is set to it.

Additional information Requested: When developer/dev_lead needs more information from tester to understand the bug

Not Reproducible: When dev lead could not reproduce the bug

Not a Bug: Invalid bug(a bug that does not require any code fix)

Duplicate Bug: Already a bug is logged for the same issue

Deferred: The fix of the bug is postponed to some future release.

Fixed but not patched: The bug is resolved but the fix is yet to pushed to testing instance.

Ready for retesting : The fix is pushed to testing instance and ready for retesting by tester

Closed,fix verified: The tester verifies the fix and the bug is resolved completely

Closed,Not a bug: The tester verifies the bug and finds the bug does not require code fix

Closed,Duplicate bug:

Reopened: The tester verifies and finds the bug is not fixed(either completely or partially)

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